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Regs require modulation rate be fixed  to 4cps - not variable

Typical domestic delivery time is about 3-10 business days - USPS
All modulators will work on 12 VDC cycles with halogen bulbs guaranteed.   NO extra parts to buy - complete kit.

Headlight Modulator
VisiPath Motorcycle Headlight Modulator
Easy Plug-n-Play
on most bikes for standard, Cool Blue, & Xenon Halogen bulbs.  Works on 99% of all bikes - return it if it doesn't work.
Includes light SENSOR required by Federal Regulations in U.S. and Canada.

"Built Rock Solid"
Single or Dual Modulator
Be Safer Daytime Visibility

 + Simple plug-in install
 + Adjustable daylight sensor
VERY small fits all1
 + Will not shorten bulb life2
 + Modulate high or low3 beam
Waterproof & heavy duty
High heat resistant connectors
 + Fits scooters with 12 VDC headlights.

Move mouse over picture to see demo - flash then steady on. Short flash period not shown

Intelligent Brake Light Flasher

For auto, truck, motorcycle, ATV, scooter... Simulates pumping the brake. Strobing is illegal in most states unless emergency vehicle.
VERY small fits all

IBF4 Confrmxxxs with California DOT Regulations

+ Heavy duty 16 amps
+ Waterproof - install almost anywhere!


Before .................... After

Solid-State Relay Kits
A must use for horns, additional headlights, & accessories

 All-In-One Headlight Modulator and Solid-State Relay Kit

Finally, a "relay" kit with ALL solid-state heavy duty switching components - This kit is smaller than the mechanical ones, easy plug-in install, and almost zero on resistance. Your headlight output will be greater and switch gear wiring protected.

Before and After pictures are representative of results which may vary.

Click here for H4 / 9003 Headlight Connectors
Replace damaged ones or make custom wire harness
All Modulators, Flashers & Solid-state "Relay" Kits are 100% tested twice and Guaranteed working

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1 To the best of our knowledge.
2 No known reports that bulb's life is less due to modulation.
3 Only default high beam modulation is manufacturer supported.
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