VisiStop Intelligent Brake Lights Flasher 

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"Intelligent" Brake Light Flasher

For Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Scooter, SUV, ATV ...
Fleet vehicles use this flasher - very effective
Universal 12v vehicle

Flashes center brake light or more
Wake-up drivers behind you!   Simulates "pumping" brakes

Fast flashing or strobing is illegal in most States - only allowed on emergency vehicles.
This brake flasher simulates pumping your brake pedal & stays solid on after a period of time.

Very Small Fits All*
about 1-3/8" dia x 5/8"

4 or 9 flashes1
Heavy duty 16 amps & Waterproof

Use with typical incandescent, LED, or halogen type bulbs
No load resistor required

Police dislike "endless" brake flashing while stopped - good chance of a ticket.  Most authorities dislike brake strobing (fast flashing). The IBF4/9 solve these issues. Apply your brake and your brake light(s) will immediately turn ON and then flash for about 4 to  11 flashes - depends on model used - at 2 F/sec then stay ON continuously.  Release your brake and apply again will cause the cycle to repeat but the flash period will be shorter depending on how long the brakes were off. A complete reset takes about 20-30 seconds2. This helps prevent distracting flashing in stop & go traffic. IBF4 confrmxxxs with California DOT regulations.

IBF9 Very small Intelligent brake flasher (IBF9) with about 7-9 FLASHES/4 seconds then stays steady ON until brake is released. 16 amps maximum. Full reset is described above ... $34.95(IBF9)

IBF4 Very small Intelligent Brake Flasher (IBF4) with about 4 FLASHES/3 seconds and then stays steady ON until brake is released. 16 amps maximum. Full reset is described above. Required by some States. Confrmxxxs with California DOT regulations. This is the best choice if your not sure ... $34.98(IBF4) 

BF Very small brake flasher (BF) with constant FLASHING (about 2 flashes per second) until brake is released. Not for street use - off road.  16 amps maximum ... $29.95(BF)

This VisiStop intelligent brake lights flasher helps drivers behind you quickly notice your braking! It works great against “tail-gaters” in moving traffic by lightly applying your brakes to alert them to back off! You can brake flash all your lights or just one like the center light. All lights will flash together in sync.

Most States recognize flashing your brake lights to get driver’s attention to prevent rear end accidents. Some even suggest it during your driving education. Check with your local authorities if your not sure of its use.
  • Very small - can fit inside brake light housing or hidden elsewhere
  • Powerful - flashes one or more brake lights totaling as much as 16 amps max
  • Waterproof
  • Durable and rugged
  • 1 yr limited warranty - don't exceed max wattage
  • 10-14 VDC - common vehicle battery
  • Install guide - complete simple instructions

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Single headlight modulator model sS115H4 (for H4 bulb) and Intelligent Brake Light Flasher IBF4 Combo for $89.98. 18 month warranty. Select your custom combo choices below.

Headlight modulator:            Brake flasher:  

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Intelligent Brake Flasher Install

It’s EZ to install just 3 wires. Interrupt your vehicle’s power brake wire feed to lights (cut or disconnect it) and attached the VisiStop blue wire to the end going to the brake lights and the red wire to the brake switch. Then connect the black wire to the vehicle’s battery negative. Your done! VisiStop is about the size of a Reese's Mini Peanut Butter Cup candy with 3 wires. Really SMALL to mount hidden anywhere. It’s WATERPROOF. Just add up the total watts for all the brake light bulbs you want to control by VisiStop. This unit has a maximum power rating of 115 watts. This flasher requires 10-14 volts DC. Installs in high side power feed wire to brake light(s). Flasher is heavy-duty design.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What type of brake lights will work?
A. The Intelligent brake flasher will operate standard incandescent, LED brake bars, and halogen lights.
Q. How effective is a brake flasher?
A. We have found it to be very effective in alerting drivers behind you that braking is occurring. Driver education instructors often encourage pumping your brakes to flash your lights.
Q. Does the VisiStop brake flasher have to be connected to the power (high) feed side to the brake lights?
A. Yes. For proper operation the Intelligent brake flasher's blue wire must supply power to the brake lights and
DOT regulations require high side installation for light controls.
Q. Can the flasher operate 3 bulbs?
A. Yes. The Intelligent brake flasher can operate as many bulbs in parallel up to a total of 16 amps max.
Q. Can I mount the VisiStop brake flasher under my fender where mud accumulates?
A. Yes. The Intelligent brake flasher is sealed in epoxy and is waterproof rugged.
I can't believe how small the VisiStop brake flasher is, how did you do that?

A. Thanks to miniature electronics the Intelligent brake flasher is very small and easily hidden.

*We are not aware of any vehicle that VisiStop is too large to fit inside installed.
1 The vehicle's electrical may cause a variation of 1-3 flashes.
2 Reset time varies depending upon vehicle's electrical system status.
3 Confrmxxxs with California D.O.T. regulations.