VisiPath Headlight Modulator

World's Smallest
Headlight Modulator with Adjustable Daylight Sensor
for motorcycles & scooters*

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Modulator Specifications

  • models are very small.
  • Modulators are available for SINGLE or DUAL headlights.
  • Solid state designed to last and be small. Modulator is about 1-3/8" dia x 5/8". It will fit most bikes including street bikes and cruisers
  • Fits the common 3-pin H4 or 2-pin H7 type bulbs found on most bikes.
  • Select the hi-beam to modulate and lo-beam to stop (default install). The daylight sensor automatically stops modulation in low light conditions like riding through a tunnel or near night time. The sensor responds to incandescent (daylight) not florescent light.
  • Modulation is near 240 cycles per minute. Confrmxxxs to the U.S. Federal DOT Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that are legal in all 50 States.
  • Operating range of modulator is 6-15 VDC.
  • Do NOT exceed the modulator power rating - see table. Doing so will invalidate the warranty and may damage the unit.
  • Easy plug-in installation. The modulator plugs-in between your bike's bulb and its' power connector. It takes about 10-20 minutes to install for most bikes.
  • Soft modulation protects the bulb from a shorter life. Modulation is from 100% ON to about 20% ON. For safety the modulation is designed to fail in the 100% ON state and it does NOT utilize the lo-beam (default install).
  • Modulator includes detailed install guide, sensor wire tie, and limited 1 year warranty. Do NOT exceed the power rating.
  • Modulators are sealed waterproof.
  • The Dual modulators have dual-channel design so if one headlight fails the other keeps modulating.
Disclaimer: The infrmxxxation is subject to change and is our best effort to be accurate. We're human so mistakes are possible. Let us know should you find an error.

* To the best of our knowledge.