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Headlight Modulator with Adjustable Daylight Sensor

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VisiPath Headlight Modulator
Daytime Visibility
Street Legal
Use full-time or only as
passing headlight modulator

Most drivers don't see motorcyclist immediately because cycles blend in with the traffic and surroundings.


Helps avoid someone turning in front of you from a driveway or other lane.

Select headlight modulator by Bulb Type or Bike Model

  • World's smallest headlight modulator1
  • Fits street, cruiser, and other bikes
  • OK for use under Fed regulations in United States and Canada with light sensor
  • Single or dual headlights
  • User adjustable daylight sensor
  • EZ Install just plug-in


Help prevent this



  • Smallest bulb connector to fit into tight spaces - almost 40% smaller than other modulators!
  • Automatic darkness deactivation - light sensor stops modulation when darkness arrives
  • No hole drilling to mount sensor
  • Solid state circuit - no mechanical relays to worry about
  • Waterproof and heavy duty design
  • Lowest ON resistance for the brightest bulb possible
  • Controlled by your bike's Hi-Lo beam switch
  • No wire cutting or splicing
  • Requires 12 volts DC
  • Scooter - make sure headlight bulb is DC operation
  • 100% tested twice and guaranteed working before shipment to you
  • Very small size to fit inside most headlight housings
  • Conforms to U.S. Federal DOT Safety Standard 49 CFR Part 571.108
  • Regulations in Canada
  • 12 month warranty

A solid-state safety device that you simply plug in between the back of your headlight bulb and its power connector. A headlight modulator increases your daytime visibility dramatically by modulating your headlight between 18 to 100% brightness at about 4 times per second. This only happens when you leave the Hi-beam ON (default install, optional Lo-beam installation) and there is enough daylight to keep its sensor happy. During low light, at night or while driving through a tunnel or garage, the sensor will stop the modulation. Operates Standard, Halogen. Xenon and other bulbs.  Email us if your motorcycle or scooter is not listed or you have any questions. The maximum bulb's wattage you should use is limited by the bike's manufacturer.

1 To the best of our knowledge.
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