All-In-One Headlight Modulator & Solid-state "relay" kit

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L & H connect to bike's original female bulb power connector. Kit may have a male H4 plug instead of L & H shown.

Motorcycle All-In-One Headlight Modulator & Solid-State "Relay" Kit
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Important info about headlights & relays

All-In-One Advantages & Features:

  • Headlight modulator. Kits for single or dual headlights include both a headlight modulator for either high or low beam and solid-state "relays" for both high and low beams. Fits H1, H3, H4 or H7 bulbs. The modulator confrmxxxs to U.S. Federal DOT Safety Standard 49 CFR Part 571.108. Street legal in U.S. and Canada under their Regulations.
  • Brighter headlight. Stock & after-market bulbs are brighter because the full battery voltage reaches the bulb.* Allows use of higher wattage bulbs without fear of overload - a fried wiring harness is expensive to replace. A must have to use with additional headlights. Operates both high & low beams.
  • Protects switchgear. Your bike's existing light switch will now only carry milliamps to control the solid-state "relay" kit doing the heavy lifting carrying many amps. Your switchgear may last forever.
  • Single or dual headlights. A kit is available for H1, H3, H4, or H7 single or dual headlights. The solid-state relay is a must have when using additional headlights to avoid frying the factory wiring harness.
  • EZ install & very small. Plug-in kit with no wire cutting. Quick disconnect wire terminals on module for battery supply enabling easier install. Amazingly small solid-state "relay" module. See quarter.
  • All solid-state. Heavy duty solid-state module components give higher reliability and durability than older mechanical relays. Solid-state uses less power and does not cause arcing which degrades parts. Faster switching.
  • High amps. Heavy duty 15 amps rating. That's a lot of power! Requires 12 volts DC.
  • Twelve month limited warranty.

    Note: the solid-state "relay" kit outputs will be OFF if the high and low beam kit inputs are ON (+12 VDC) at the same time. 

    * This can be as much as 1.5 volts difference between factory wiring and solid-state "relay" kit. The brightness is significantly noticeable on 12 volt halogen bulbs.
SPECS: Heavy duty solid-state "relay" parts (no mechanical relays); 15 or 20 amps capacity; on resistance is almost zero ohms; high heat resistant H4 female and/or male connectors; fuse holder; ring battery terminal connectors; waterproof module; daylight sensor stops modulation near dark, modulates at 4 cps.  Do NOT use this All-in-one modulator if your bike's low beam stays on after high beam is on.

all-in-one headlight modulator & solid-state "relay" kits

Single H4 bulb; 15 amps max; all bulbs 130 watts or less; model AioSR15H4 H4 $145.75
Dual H4 bulbs; 15 amps max; all bulbs 120 watts or less each bulb; model AioDR20H4 H4 x 2
(Dual bulbs)
Single H7 bulb; 15 amps max; all bulbs 130 watts or less; model AioSR15H7 H7, H3 or H1 $145.75
Dual H7 bulbs; 15 amps max; all bulbs 120 watts or less each bulb; model AioDR20H7 H7, H3 or H1 x 2
(Dual bulbs)

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